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Why am I here !

Updated: May 2, 2020

A little introduction elaborating what my Podcast is all about.

The only thing I have ever known about life is that It’s beautiful.

It is something so precious and rare that we have got only ONE. But do we realise that with each day passing by, we are spending this most valuable currency called time, which we can never earn back how so ever hard we try.

I agree it’s not easy at times.

Some days are so difficult that we think that feeling stressed, anxious and even depressed is natural.

Being stressed in an emotionally abusive marriage for 4 years was like putting all my emotional, mental and physical health at risk. It reduced all my ability to think rationally and take better decisions for myself, leaving me into even more vulnerable state each day.

After waking up with anxiety for almost 1500 days continuously, I had accepted my stressed self so naturally that instead of being grateful for the beautiful and brand new day ahead, I somehow justified to wake up with anxiety each day. And the irony is that sometimes I didn't even know the reason, it had just become a part of my lifestyle.

But, When I look back at my journey today, the only thing i realised is, howsoever life is crushing you right now-

Being stressed won’t help.

Overthinking will also not help.

Getting yourself locked in a room, cutting down from the society and friends, cribbing, crying, blaming, being in a victim mode, repeating your story in front of a 100 people over and over again will also not help.

Running away from the situation or hiding your vulnerability, suppressing your emotions, lying to yourself and pretending that you are okay will make things even worse.

The only thing that will help is accepting the situation at first and realising that you are shattered. That yes I am broken. Life has happened. Only then you will be able to see your broken pieces lying all around you. and ONLY THEN you can collect them and rebuild yourself into a strong, beautiful and an unbreakable castle. Trust me, when you decide to take hold of your life, the magic begins, everything just starts falling into place.

It's time to analyze our thoughts and get to the root cause of our daily stress and anxiety. Howsoever life is crushing you at this point of time, its all about learning from those lessons and facing life again with a much bolder and more audacious version of Yourself.

And why not ?

That’s how we transform and grow in life. Isn't it ?

That’s how all of us will leave our unconfident, dull, boring, shattered, depressed selves behind and create our inspiring life stories which we will be proud to share.

This Podcast has all my energy, heart and soul and it emphasises on the little things of life so that we just not breathe, but start living each moment of our beautiful incredible adventure called Life !

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