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Hi! I am Nimisha

  • Entrepreneur 

  • Podcaster 

I was born and brought up in Udaipur, Rajasthan, one of the most beautiful, colorful, and culturally rich cities in India. Being the youngest in the family and overly pampered, I was always a very happy and active child, who loved to be a part of all the possible extracurricular activities at school, dancing being one of the favorites. 

While pursuing my Bachelor's in Commerce, I started with my first garment business with my mom, which apparently picked up real quick. Acknowledging my interest in fashion, I went to the National Institue of Fashion Technology to pursue a Masters in Fashion Management and topped the course with 10 percentile. 


Even after getting recruited through campus placements in a leading leather goods manufacturer company of India, I went back to Udaipur to expand the pre-existing business in my hometown.  

But life is not that simple for anyone. Isn't it? 


My life took a U-turn when I entered into an emotionally abusive marriage in 2014. After struggling for 4 years finally gathered all the guts to file for divorce and got free from that torturous trap. 

Those 4 years were the greatest teachers who taught me to face the adversities in life, deal with my over-complicated inner self, to have control over my emotions, and to change my life's question from 'Why me?' to 'What next?'

Shifted to the USA in 2019 after getting married to an amazing man who loves me and respects me for who I am. Now finally I had the time to start with the podcast, which I wanted to start since 2017. 

The major reason to start with this after procrastinating for almost 3 years is to speak my heart out on the topics which no one wants to discuss. Yes, I have no shame or hesitation at all to share the story of my emotionally abusive marriage or my divorce. I rather take all the pride to tell the world how I dealt with those tough times. What all helped me to heal and rebuild myself into a stronger self. Even if one of the listeners gets any kind of help or motivation through this channel, my purpose is solved. 

I would now say that I have been blessed to have such a journey of life where I could understand the importance of evolving each day and the major goals of my life are never focused on materialistic possessions but to gain more wisdom each year passing by so that I learn to respond, rather than reacting to any given situation of life. 

Don't Just Breathe... LIVE! has all my energy, heart, and soul. Let's just not breathe, but start living each moment of this incredible adventure called LIFE!

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